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PEIA: Harsh Realm Articles
from aint-it-cool-news:

Wednesday, August 4, 1999
DEAD POET reviews a whole slew of Fall pilots!!!

Glen here...
...with a set of Fall Season pilot reviews from DEAD POET.

I'm not sure how long Dead Poet has actually been...well...dead, but his lifelessness may well account for the inexplicable stench I've noted around the house for the past few days. Said stench is either Dead Poet's putrid corpse, or the pilot episode tape of Time of Your Life - which I'll review in the very near future.

Anyway, here's what Dead Poet had to say about some of this Fall's programming onslaught. Enjoy...


Dead Poet wrote:
Harsh Realm is the new show from X-Files creator Chris Carter, and is replacing Millennium in the Friday night time slot that launched Mulder and Scully.

This pilot is nowhere near as engaging or impressive as the pilots for either of Carter's previous shows. Although the production values are beyond reproach, the show itself left me pretty cold. The premise is WAY old sci-fi (a man is trapped in a VR world), and the writing is often silly.

For example, the main character is devastated when the Bad Guy in the VR world kills his virtual wife... except it's not his real wife! It's just a hologram! Why does he care?! Little bits like that keep popping up.

It's not a BAD show, and hopefully it'll progress well and find itself in the first thirteen episodes, but the pilot wasn't very impressive.


and it continued on...that was just the Harsh Realm part.

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