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" Your aliens, Agent Mulder, your little green men arrived here millions of years ago." --WMM, "Blackwood".

When did the first X-Files episode air?

This wonderful episode aired September 10, 1993, Friday night @ 9:00pm EST.

When does "the X-Files" air?

In North America, it airs every Sunday night @ 9:00pm EST.
Every weekday @ 8:00pm and 11:00pm EST reruns air on the cable FX.
In Canada only, reruns air on Space every weeknight @ 11:00pm and 2:00am EST. Those early morning episodes are nifty if you can't fall asleep. J
In Estonia, it airs on Monday nights.

Check your local listings for other dates and times and e-mail me if you know anything else!

What's an "x-phile"?

An "x-phile" is a fan of "The X-Files". Originally, however, Chris Carter wanted X-Files fans to be called "Phile-O-Phile" can tell that it didn't catch on. The "x", of course, stands for "The X-Files", and "phile" is from the Greek word "philo", which means love. So, x-philes love "The X-Files".

What's a "noromo"?

A "noromo" is an x-phile who does not want our agents to have a romantic relationship. The word "noromo" comes from the blending of the words "no romance".

What's a "shipper"?

A "shipper" is an x-philes fan who wants our agents to engage in a romantic relationship in the show. The word "shipper" is a short form of the word "relationshipper".

What's "fan-fic"?

"Fan-fic" are short stories written by x-philes about the show. Sometimes, the stories are about cases that the agents might investigate, but often, fan-fic is written by shippers who use their imaginations to full-fill their dreams of romance on the show.

Why don't you have a fan-fic section?

I'm sorry that I don't carry a fan-fic section on my page -- I would love to provide x-philes with X-File-esque evening reading, but I simply don't have enough time to read through fan-fic. However, if you're really after fan-fic, then check out my X-Links page or use a search engine to find fan-fic sites. Sorry.

Is it "dutch-ov-ee" or "doo-kov-nee" or...?

Duchovny is pronounced "doo-kuv-nee". It's actually derived from a Russian word meaning "spiritual".

Where did the name "Mulder" come from?

"Fox" came from Chris Carter's childhood friend and "Mulder" came from his mother's maiden name.

Where did the name "Scully" come from?

"Scully" came from Chris Cater's childhood idol Vin Scully, a hall of fame broadcaster for the Dodgers.











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