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PEIA: X-Files Articles
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Friday August 13 2:34 AM ET

'X-Files' Star Alleges Conspiracy In Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - David Duchovny, star of the hit TV series ``The X-Files,'' has sued Rupert Murdoch's 20th Century Fox Film Corp., alleging that the studio cheated him out of millions of dollars in profits, Daily Variety reported in its Friday issue.

The Hollywood trade paper quoted sources as saying Duchovny is seeking at least $25 million in damages, although the suit did not mention a sum.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in the Santa Monica branch of Los Angeles Superior Court, alleged that Fox sold various ''X-Files'' rights to associated companies, such as the Fox broadcast network and FX cable channel, at below-market prices, thereby reducing the series' profitability. This affected the actor because he shares in the show's profits, the paper said.

Duchovny, 39, also alleged that series creator and executive producer, Chris Carter, conspired with Fox to cover up the dealings, and was paid $4 million in hush money and given a series deal for his compliance. Carter, however, was not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, Daily Variety said.

The charges of cover-ups and conspiracies are in keeping with the tone of ``The X-Files,'' in which Duchovny plays Fox Mulder, a special FBI agent who tracks down aliens and probes paranormal dealings with his sultry colleague Dana Scully, played by Gillian Anderson.

The show is about to enter its seventh season.

Daily Variety quoted a Fox spokesman as saying it was ''regrettable that Mr. Duchovny and his representatives have opted to communicate this matter through the press rather than directly with Fox.'' The paper also said Carter was unavailable for comment.

20th Century Fox Film Corp. is a unit of New York City-based Fox Entertainment Group Inc (NYSE:FOX - news), which was spun off last year by the Murdoch-controlled News Corp.

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