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PEIA: X-Files Articles
from sci-fi:

1:01pm 23-July-99

Duchovny, Carter May Leave X-Files

It looks like the seventh season may be the last one for X-Files star David Duchovny and executive producer Chris Carter. Both X-Files veterans are only under contract for one more year, and Duchovny recently told the Toronto Sun that he has "other things to do."

Meanwhile, Carter said that an eighth season of his hit show was unlikely, though it could conceivably continue without Duchovny. "I'd consider anything, but I would have to feel good about the kind of stories we were telling," he explained.

Although Duchovny seems to be out of the picture, his costar Gillian Anderson is under contract for an eighth year. This has led both fans and industry analysts to speculate that Fox might simply replace Duchovny when his time is up in order to keep the show going another season.

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