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PEIA: The X-Files Articles
from aint-it-cool-news:

July 29, 1999
Duchovny Loses Lawsuit

Unauthorized photos? Forged signatures? Transactions over the Internet? Lack of government cooperation? Sounds like an X-File to us.

For David Duchovny, the (alleged) hoax is out there. The actor, who stars as an FBI agent on The X-Files, couldn't beat an Internet company selling his signature, which Duchovny claims is forged. Even when he teamed up with Superman, he still lost his case.

The Associated Press reports that the X-Files star filed suit with a company that sells celebrity signatures over the Internet. Also filing suit, Dean Cain, formerly of ABC-TV's Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The actors claimed the photos being sold were unauthorized and the signatures were phony. The company, New York-based Truly Unique Collectibles, denied the charges, and a U.S. District judge agreed, ruling June 4 that the star's allegations were "groundless," reports AP.

James Ferrazzano, the company's president says, "We've always sold a legitimate product, so naturally, I feel exonerated. We took on Superman and won." And don't forget the FBI, buddy.

Perhaps most irritating to Duchovny: His "signed" photos were priced at $50, while Sean Connery was valued at $95 and Mel Gibson at $110.

An attorney for the actors says he will appeal the decision and "go all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to."

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