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Lone Gunmen Chat Transcript TV Guide-AOL

Tvgchat: Welcome, guys! Thanks for chatting with us!
Tom Braidwood: Yo, fans. We'll be in the new season eventually. It's coming. Watch for it.
Bruce Harwood: I hope everyone enjoyed our episode from last season.
Dean Haglund: Hey.... :)

Question: You guys rule! Good luck in the future! Are you guys going to be on any of Mr.Carter's other shows?
Bruce Harwood: I did have an audition for "Harsh Realm," but they told me I would have to shave off my beard, so I couldn't do it.
Tom Braidwood: Not that I knowof.
Dean Haglund: Well, since it's a show about Marines, I'd probably have to cut my hair off,and that ain't gonna happen. :)

Question: Are there going to be any Lone Gunmen-starring episodes next season?
DeanHaglund: Yes. Vince Gilligan said that we can't do a final season without an episode aboutthe Lone Gunmen.
Tom Braidwood: Definitely.
Bruce Harwood: Thank you, Vince!

Question: What are y'all going to do after "X-Files" is over?
Tom Braidwood: Right now, I'm producing and directing a Canadian TV series called "DaVinci'sInquest," here in Vancouver.
The Lone Gunmen: Which is inarguably the best show in Canada.
DeanHaglund: After "Kids in the Hall"... kidding!
Bruce Harwood: As an actor, I don'tthink that far ahead.
Dean Haglund: I'm doing a movie with Ben and Jerry Stiller next year that will probably come out in the fall. And I'm also going to continue my comic strip in The X-Files Magazine.
Tom Braidwood: The three of us are hosting the FX Network "Best EpisodesSecret BallotX-Files Marathon."

Question: How much freedom do you have to change or influence your characters?
Tom Braidwood: Especially when Vince writes, the characters are pretty much there, so we don'tchange much. He's got a pretty good handle on the characters.
Dean Haglund: I get to change the rock T-shirts to bands I like. But otherwise, we speak such technical jargon that we can't improvise when the cameras arerolling.
Bruce Harwood: No, not much really. But they did cut out all those improvs. :)
DeanHaglund: Yeah, we call those outtakes.

Question: I would like to hear your input on how you think that theshow should end.
Dean Haglund: I think it should end with everyone being abducted, and the Gunmen having zippers at the backs of their heads and peeling off the suits to show that they're the threelead aliens.
Tom Braidwood: The smoke clears and the Gunmen are left standing.
Bruce Harwood: Ialways picture everyone, even the Gunmen, getting blown up at the end.
Dean Haglund: Isn't that how all the Muppets sketches end?
Bruce Harwood: Yeah, we can all get eaten by Ralph, the Big Mean Bunny.
Dean Haglund: Yeah, then take him out with aspike to the back of the neck.

Question: Are you guys married?
Dean Haglund: All three of us are...but not to eachother.
Tom Braidwood: He's right.
Bruce Harwood: Me too.

Question: This question is for Tom Braidwood. Are you still working behind the scenes for the show -- as you were at the close of Season 5?
Tom Braidwood: No.The show was in LAand I'm in Vancouver, so I'm doing other things.

Question: Do you guys believe in government conspiracies?
TomBraidwood: Let's look at Revenue Canada... you call it the IRS.
Dean Haglund: Yeah, but the IRS just got busted.
Tom Braidwood: Well, there you go.
Dean Haglund: I don't think there's a government conspiracy, because if there was, you'd think they'd be able to shut Monica Lewinsky up.
Bruce Harwood: But,the point of Monicais to draw attention away from the shadow conspiracy.
Dean Haglund: Wow.... I didn't think of that.... :) And that's whywe'rea team!
The Lone Gunmen: LOL

Question: Will Byers get involved with that mystery woman again?
Bruce Harwood: I sure hope so.... >big grin<
DeanHaglund: Has she been calling?
Bruce Harwood: My vision is that we'll meet again in the next Lone Gunmen episode, and then she'll get killed on our wedding night... leaving Byers with a burning sense of revenge.
Dean Haglund: And he'll dress in leather and ride off into the sunset. And the show will be called "Lonesome Gunmen Dove."
Bruce Harwood: Gives an excuse for there to be more episodesnext season about Byers.

Question: What kind of things does Mulder have the Lone Gunmen help him with this season?
Bruce Harwood: We don't know yet.
Tom Braidwood: It's going to be a surprise.
Dean Haglund: The writers actually don't write the scripts that farahead.

Question: If David Duchovny leaves, will the show continue without him?
The Lone Gunmen:>dead silence as they ponder<
Dean Haglund: The show might be able to continue if Mulder is taken by the government or aliens and the story line is about finding him, so that he's there, just not present.
Tom Braidwood: They discover that the Lone Gunmen are clones ofMulder's regressive gene.
Dean Haglund: Though vanity would say progressive.
Bruce Harwood: Actually, they could have Mulder's mind transferred to a different body, then that way he could still followthe X-Files, even though it's a different actor.

Question: Will there be romance between Frohike and Scully?
Tom Braidwood: We can only hope.
Dean Haglund: YOU can only hope. :)

Question: What are your opinions of the relationship (or lack of one) between Mulder and Scully?
Tom Braidwood: Very professional.
Dean Haglund: You're not going to rope me into that romo-no-romo discussion.
Bruce Harwood: Oh, man... I have noopinion on that!

Question: What are you guys' favorite episodes?
Tom Braidwood: Mine is still "Doddkalm."
Bruce Harwood: I guess of the Gunmen episodes was "Unusual Suspects." And I like the one with Peter Boyle about the guy who could see into the future.
Dean Haglund: Of the Gunmen episodes, "Three of a Kind"... no, "Kill Switch." And non-Gunmen is "JoseChung's From Outer Space."

Question: Will Frohike, Langly and Byers ever get their own show?
Dean Haglund: Weeelllllll....
Bruce Harwood: If I had anything to do with it, there'd be a spin-off with Skinner leaving the FBI and becoming a private eye, and the Lone Gunmen as his sidekicks.
Dean Haglund: I think a Gunmen spin-off would be great. But, again, it was the fans that got the Gunmen from one episode to where we are now. So, it would have to be fan demand that would get us from being recurring characterson "The X-Files" to our own show.
Dean Haglund: But, no pressure.
Tom Braidwood: Unfortunately, we have nothing to do with it.

Question: How is it working with David and Gillian?
Tom Braidwood: From my experience, having work as AD on theshow, I'd say that it's fine.
Bruce Harwood: I'll stick with whatever Tom says.
Dean Haglund: I thought they were very funny. I think they were a lot more humorous than their characters allowed them to be.

Question: Do you believe in the supernatural?
Bruce Harwood: No, Idon't believe in the supernatural. But I believe that there are weird explanations for the supernatural. Not normal ones... weird ones.
Dean Haglund: Since we only use 20% of our brain at any given time,when the other 80% reacts with the world around us, we call that supernatural.
Tom Braidwood: I'm still workingon the 1%.

Tvgchat: Thanks for joining us, guys! We had a great time and hope you come back soon!

Dean Haglund: Fans in the LA area can come see my one-man show called "Paranoia Will Destroy Ya" every Tuesday, 8PM, at the Zephyr Theater.... It's hilarious.... :)
Bruce Harwood: I'm looking forward to the new season as much as youare. I really want to find out what happens.
Tom Braidwood: Keep the faith. Gunmen rule!
Bruce Harwood and Dean Haglund: Yeah!

Tvgchat: Bye!

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