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Mitch Pileggi in Xpose #39
posted by: alfornos

Xpose #39 features Mitch Pileggi in its regular back-page feature "10 Things You Never Knew About..."
MP fans probably know all this already, but for the less-focused, here goes:

page 66

10 Things You Never Knew About...Mitch Pileggi
Walter Skinner in The X Files

[large color photo of Skinner]

1. Mitch Pileggi (pronounced 'Mitch'; okay, sorry, 'Pul-ledge-i') was born on April 5 1952, and is therefore 47. He was born in Portland, Oregon, but his childhood was spent in various places due to his father being a subcontractor for the Department of Defense, which required a lot of moving around.

2. To the dismay of his many fans (of which more later), Mitch has been married to Arlene Rempel for a while now, and they have one child. As most of you will know, Arlene is Gillian Anderson's stand-in, and has since appeared in her own right as Skinner's secretary during season six of The X Files.

3. Mitch went to Fullerton College, the University of Maryland's Munich branch, and the University of Texas, from which he graduated in Business Adminstration. He now lives in Valencia, California.

4. The early part of Mitch's working life saw him following in his father's footsteps in the Department of Defense, but he soon moved into the world of acting with performances in Austin, Texas that included Jesus Christ Superstar, Lone Star and Bent.

5. Mitch's acting career began on television as a guest star in such shows as Models Inc, China Beach and Hooperman and in a recurring role on Dallas. In more recent years, he also played the bad guy role, in which he's often specialized, in Knight Rider 2000.

6. Mitch has been a featured player in the movies Basic Instinct and Guilty as Charged, and played the lead in Wes Craven's Shocker. Obviously Wes was happy with Mitch's work, as he cast him again in Vampire in Brooklyn. Sadly, this time, when Mitch was killed by having his heart removed, he didn't come back to life.

7. Mitch has also appeared in a Corporate American Express advert, and does a lot of voice-over work. His vocal credits include readings of XFiles novels.

8. A fan of The X Files before he got the job, Mitch is a close friend of David Duchovny, and the pair often hang out and go out to eat. In an online chat, Mitch revealed that between takes, he and David play with Barbie dolls in Duchovny's trailer. We don't know how accurate this was.

9. Mitch has found his fans to be very nice, but with the larger interest being in David Duchovny. "We walk in a room together and I might as well be a piece of furniture!"

10. Mitch has some of the best-named admirers on the Internet, including PRAWNS (People Really Attracted to Walter Non-Sexually), PINCH (Pileggi's Intellectually Nuzzling Cheap Hussies), HIMBO (Hussies Into Mitch Bodily), and a group of fans of the SPG (Surly Pectoral God) calling themselves SPERM (Skinner-Pileggi Erroneous Rumor Mill). Many of these groups are linked to BRAWS (Broad Reform Advocates of Walter Skinner), who have 10 directives and their own theme song.

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