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" Your aliens, Agent Mulder, your little green men arrived here millions of years ago." --WMM, "Blackwood".

X Links the Spot.



The Official X-Files Site

this dry, baren unwasted land is rarely updated, but it has a fabulous episode guide, wonderful pictures and a few sounds, too.

24 Hour NewsX

One of the best x-files sites around. Frequent updates, as well as a link to a very active message board make the site worthy to look at.

Renton's Domain

Renton has beem working hard on a huge revamp on his site. Among Star Trek and Everclear is a page dedicated to "The X-Files". Check out the spoilers, spoiler-seekers.

The Official Millennium Site

Many x-philes like myself, watch "Millennium" and love the show, though the show essentially does have different audiences. Nevertheless, check out the site of Chris Carter's second brainchild.


So you didn't find fanfic on my site? Sorry about that, but you can check out Diana Fowley's fanfic. (Don't get scared by the name!...she doesn't love Diana).


The Future is Now

MAC USERS! Do you have a hard time looking for multimedia for your mac? Never fear. Check out ELMIRAMAN's x-files page and laugh at your friends with Windows who can't get the desktop thems and icons.

Jeff's X-Files Page

Jeff's page has games, a quiz, something special for Christians and other goodies, including frequent updates.





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