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" Your aliens, Agent Mulder, your little green men arrived here millions of years ago." --WMM, "Blackwood".

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The nitpicked bloopers are in black text. The extra nitpicked facts are in white text.

1X79 - Pilot

  1. If Mulder lost nine minutes, and Scully lost nine minutes, and the car lost nine minutes, then why didn't Mulder's watch didn't lose nine minutes?
  2. This episode was shot over 14 days in March 1993 in Vancouver.
  3. The budget of this episode was about $2 million.

1X01 - Deep Throat

  1. The rear window reappears after its shattered.
  2. Mulder walked seven miles accross a top secret air force base and didn't get caught. Hmm...
  3. There's only one round of ammunition in Scully's handgun when one MIB removes its magazine. She didn't just come from a target range, so why does she have only one round of ammo in the magazine?
  4. The scene where Scully can't get a phone line out is simialr to one in the classic "Bad Day at Black Rock" (1955), which stars Spencer Tracy.
  5. Mulder was wearing a sweatshirt with a Georgetown University logo embelmed on it.
  6. Mr. McLennen's brother is Hank.

1X02 - Squeeze

  1. Tooms can squeeze through the tiniest gaps to get fresh human livers, but he didn't squeeze through the handcuffs. That makes sense, no?
  2. According to the police report in "Tooms" (aka "Squeeze2"), Tooms was arrested July 23, 1993 at 107 E. Cordova (Scully's apartment). However, in "Ascension", the apartment number is 1419.
  3. Harry Longstreet, the director, "had no respect for the script" according to James Wong; Longstreet also didn't shoot multiple angles (coverage) as it is typical to do, so Wong and Michael Katleman had to go back and reshoot some coverage, shoot a scene that hadn't been shot, and add a lot of inserts to "make it work".

1X03 - Conduit

  1. Lake Okobogee, which is close to Sioux City (Iowa), in the episode, is a tiny reference to the real-life Spirit Lake, which is close to Sioux City. However, near aren't any mountains close to the body of water.
  2. The dossier says that Samantha Mulder was born in Chilmarc, Miami. The real-life town of Chilmark, which is on the island of Martha's Vineyard, is spelled correctly in subsequent X-Files references.
  3. Continuity error!: On Samantha's dossier, it says that she was born November 21, 1965, yet the police report gives her birthdate as January 22, 1964.
  4. The protocol channels from Mulder to Mulder's ASAC, to the district G-14, to Section Chief Blevins.
  5. Darlene's ex-husband is John.
  6. Greg and Tessa's appointment is with Dr. Jack Fowler, on August 7th at 2:30pm.
  7. Mulder's hypnotic regression tape is Session #2B, from June 16, ____.
  8. Tiring job?: The 0 and 1 portrait of Ruby was hand printed by art staffer Vivian Nishi with felt pens, to give it the numerals the necessary child-like feel. She traced over wall-mounted sheets of paper which had a too-perfect looking computer print-out projected onto it.

1X04 - The Jersey Devil

This episode was pretty clean -- there aren't any bloopers here. However, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the way that Chris Carter portrayed the "real" Jersey Devil. Some said that the being was portrayed as "an East Coast bigfoot"; Carter replied with: "The idea was not to make this a monster per se, but almost a missing link."

  1. This is the first episode where we see Mulder's enjoyment of men's magazines and adult videos; in his offices, he investigate a Playboy-type magazine...but it's in X-Files-style: the centerfold claims to have been abducted by aliens.
  2. The unseen FBI employees handling car requisitions in this episode are Lorraine and Fran.

1X05 - Shadows

  1. In several cases during the episode, the vechicles have no license plates, or the numbers have been blacked out.
  2. Co-executive producers Morgan and Wong say that this "ordinary" story is a response to FOX, which wanted a poltergeist episode that had a "relatable" supporting actor whom our agents could help.
  3. The security video sequence: Wednesday, September 22, 1993 at 9:44:20pm - Lauren arrives at the ATM; the assailant enters at 9:45:16pm; the second assailant enters; by 9:45:29pm, they're shoved themselves offscreen-right. The spectral blur appeared at 9:45:24pm, five seconds earlier.
  4. The desk plaque has a Benjamin Franklin quote: "One To-Day is Worth Two To-morrows".
  5. Miles on the rental car: 100.
  6. Lauren's total debt amount: $15 000.
  7. Graves' newspaper headline says, "Howard Graves' Suicide Creates Shock," by Steve Woods; on the same page, there's another story about a killer who extracts his victim's livers -- of course this refers to Eugene Tooms of "Squeeze" and "Tooms".
  8. Injoke!!: The name being stenciled onto Graves' pakring space is "Tom Braidwood", the name of the actor/assistant director who portrays the Lone Gunman, Frohike.

1X06 - Ghost in the Machine

  1. Scully spools through a digital audio tape, but DAT machines don't make that type of spooling noise. The recording/dubbing editor later confessed that the sound was actually made by an analogue audio tape to enhance the sound effects.
  2. Mulder is pushed to the floor of the elevator by G-forces when his former partner is killed. However, since the elevator is falling down, then he should be stuck to the ceiling.

1X07 - Ice

  1. When Mulder points his Glock19 handgun at the dog, we hear the cocking of the gun's hammer. However, that particular weapon has an internal hammer which doesn't make such a noise.
  2. The dog excretes the alien worms out of its body through bowel movements, but the parasites had attached themselves to glands in the dogs brain. How did they get into its digestive tract?
  3. At the end, the agents are standing in outside in freezing Arctic weather, but we don't see their breath.

1X08 - Space

  1. After a serious automobile accident, Michelle Generoo has a deep cut on her eyebrow and a lot of blood on her head, but later in the episode there are no cuts visible.
  2. Scully's a scientist, a doctor. She is Dr. Dana Katherine Scully, but her partner called for a doctor when she was present.
  3. Scully didn't object when Mulder called the doctor.
  4. Lt. Colonel Belt was shown on a mission in 1977, but the first space shuttle wasn't launched until 1981.
  5. Most states have laws making it mandatory that hospitals have windows that patients can't jump out of, no?

1X09 - Fallen Angel

  1. Hehe...Mulder notices a V-shaped scar behind Max Fenig's right ear when Fenig undergoes a seizure. However, back at the hotel, Mulder tells Scully that the scar is behind the left ear.
  2. Scully immediately declares that Fenig suffers from schizophrenia when she discovers his Melleril medication. The phenothiazine derivative, however, is also prescribed for anxiety, tension, agitation, psychosomatic disorders, sleep disturbances, difficulties of concentration, intractible pain and alcohol withdrawal.
  3. At the hospital, the doctor says that the deputy and the others had been admitted with 5th and 6th degree burns over 90% of their bodies. However, a body is burned to the bone in the 4th degree, and if a person is burnt more severly than the fourth degree, then he/she would be incinerated to an ash.

1X10 - Eve

  1. Teena Simmons has the Eve-strength to get her father into the swing without showing any signs of struggle, yet Mulder is able to restrain both Teena and Cindy Reardon with one in each of his arms. Hmm...please don't tell me that Mulder's really Arnold Schwarzchnagger.
  2. According to Sally Kendrick, the adult Eve, she had extra chromosomes. However, according to scientists, multiple extra chromosomes would result in spontaneous abortion of the fetus way before birth.
  3. When the girls and Eve are in the motel room they drink from paper cups, yet when Mulder and Scully later get one of the cups, it is made out of glass. Spontaneous glassination?

1X11 - Fire

  1. To save cash, the production crew used stock footage. The scene of Scully working at her computer is the exactly the same shot from "Squeeze".

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