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" Your aliens, Agent Mulder, your little green men arrived here millions of years ago." --WMM, "Blackwood".

S e a s o n - O n e - N i t p i c k i n g.......page2/2
The nitpicked bloopers are in black text. The extra nitpicked facts are in white text.

1X12 - Beyond the Sea

  1. Scully's hair: when she's sitting in her car at the intersection, her hair is parted on the left. However, when she turns look at the angel statues at the other side of the street, her hair is parted on the right.

1X13 - Genderbender

  1. The Kindred are hanging their laundry and chopping wood outside when it's raining.

1X14 - Lazarus

  1. Jack Willis was diabetic, yet it took him a long time to go into a coma without insulin.
  2. Willis, when revived and has Dupre's consciousness, goes to the morgue and gets his Dupre's ring, which fits perfectly on his "new" body.
  3. The kidnappers use Scully's cell phone and Mulder says that they can't trace it. If that's true, then how did CSM locate Mulder later in "Anasazi"?

1X15 - Young at Heart

  1. When Barnett takes a hostage at the cello recital, it is seen in a full-body shot that Mulder is wearing a black communications ear-piece, yet in a close-up it's missing.

1X16 - E.B.E.

  1. The MP guarding the door is wearing the rank of Sergeant-Major on his uniform. SGMs occupy staff level positions only and are not allowed to do the "dirty work" of guarding doors.
  2. Abducted flashlights? Mulder and Scully are about to enter the truck with the extraterrestrial and Scully has her flashlight, yet in the very next shot, its missing.

1X17 - Miracle Man

This episode was spotless -- there aren't any bloopers here...unless you can catch some...

1X18 - Shapes

  1. Lyle shreds the shower curtain with his fingernails in the bathroom, but later when his hand splits open, we see that his nails are short and dull.
  2. hehe...When he and Mulder are talking to the Indian man, the sheriff turns into the light and the audience can see his make-up line.
  3. Lyle can hear Scully say (right out side the bathroom door), "I want to take to to the hospital," but she can't hear him howling. Either this is a huge blooper or Lyle has extraoridinary hearing power.
  4. Plot device: Mulder can't call Scully from his car through his cell phone, yet in "F. Emasculata", he receives a call from within his car. Also, in anther episode, he calls her from inside a box car.
  5. Metamorphorizing footsteps: Lyle goes through a painful transformation in the bathroom, we see. However, Mulder discovers tracks left in the mud; tracks that start out as human steps and turn into beast paw-prints. If it metamorphosis is so antagonizing, then Lyle shouldn't be able to walk a normal path.

1X19 - Darkness Falls

  1. Is it really possible that Spinney could have been killed by the insects when he was standing in the headlights of the car?
  2. If the insects swarmed around Spinney's sombre, unlit side to kill him, then why didn't the bugs do the same to Mulder's, Scully's and the ranger's unlit sides when they slept in the cabin?
  3. While the agents ride downhill in the Jeep, the reflection off a camera lens acts as if there's another vechicle following them.
  4. When the ancient tree falls, Mulder investigates the the growth rings, which have a distincive crack and an abnormal shape, yet in a close-up shot, the stump doesn't have either.

1X20 - Tooms (a.k.a. Squeeze2)

  1. Tooms has lived at 66 Exeter for sixty years, coming out of hibernation every 20 years only to eat five livers. Tooms didn't own the residence, so how did he pay for the rent for all of those years?

1X21 - Born Again

  1. Mulder's an Oxford-educated behavioural psychologist, yet he confused Multiple Personality Syndrome with schizophrenia.
  2. An hour or two after Detective Barbala's suicide, our agents arrive in Buffalo. However, according to an actual FBI agent, it takes several hours for special agents to be assigned to the case.
  3. Michelle describes the hair colour of the man as light like hers (which is blond), yet the computer operator colours the man's hair dark and he is not corrected.

1X22 - Roland

  1. Why didn't the "brillliant" scientists stand in the corner to one side of the fan instead of right in front of the maxium flow area?
  2. There's a 1000mph wind, yet a human being is holding onto a metal grill by the finger tips for a few seconds. Well...

1X23 - The Erlenmeyer Flask

  1. Scully's a medical doctor so why didn't she take a tissue sample to further investigate before handing over the alien fetus?
  2. The episode takes place in Washington, D.C., yet sign says "VANCOUVER DRYDOCK COMPANY LTD" and a CN (Canadian National) engine is pulling the train in the teaser.
  3. Scullys tells Mulder that chloroplasts are plant cells instead of saying that chloroplasts are found in some plant cells.

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