>"What the heck is PEIA?"<

Chris Owens is a funny guy... 









December 11 1999 @ 14:25 EST.

Next weekend I will be taking down my X-Files site. There are many more X-Files sites out there that are far better than mine. Please note that only the X-Files page will disappear, not the Harsh Realm site. Remember, next weekend = ALL DONE. BYE BYE. Thanks for visiting my X-Files site.

October 25 1999 @ 24:04 EST.
Chris Owens is a funny guy...

Yesterday I met Chris Owens (he portrayed the role of Agent Jeffrey Spender on "The X-Files"); you can read about this very nice person and my day.

September 27 1999 @ 12:36 EST.
"What the heck is PEIA?"

Originally, PEIA (The Paranoid Earthling Intelligence Agency) was a group of seven individuals: a paranoid earthling, frohike(89), aspentbullet, friendoflonegunmen, futurebfly, Quasi-Intelligent, and Artificial Intelligence.

These "members" of PEIA are all actually just one person. The names reflect the different interests and/or personalities that I experience, have experienced or will experience.

Many of my online friends will know me as friendoflonegunmen (at many x-files messageboards), fellow Spentbullets might know me as aspentbullet, and my buddies would probably know me as a paranoid earthling or even, aliengirl. [QI and AI are funny (to me, at least) so I just added those in].

I hope we're still smiling.
: )

I am PEIA (you can call me PEIA not what you know me as -- only because that might cause confusion). I've created this site as a dedication to some of my favourite things, or, in Harsh Realm's case, something that MIGHT become a favourite.

I am a Canadian Elliott loving***Twitch City ex-watching***Beatles humming***Rufus popera-ing***Sleater-Kinney swinging*** "Millennium" worrying***Sarah Polley admiring***"X-Files" freak.


^^franšais, quelqu'un?
Parlez-vous franšais? Mon franšais n'est pas mieux, mais je veux essayer parler franšais avec toi. E-mail moi si vous voulez Úcrire lettres en franšais avec moi. Merci!

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