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December 11 1999 @ 14:04 EST.
----<ALL DONE. BYE BYE. Next weekend I will be taking down this X-Files site. There are many more X-Files sites out there that are far better than mine. Please note that only THIS X-Files page will be disappear, not the Harsh Realm site. Remember, next weekend = ALL DONE. BYE BYE. Thanks for visiting, fellow x-philes.

November 14 1999 @ 15:01 EST.
----<Gillian Anderson will be on Jay Leno on Tuesday the 16th on NBC.

November 7 1999 @ 11:01 EST.
----<Today is the day! The last* X-Files season premiere will air today at 9pm EST on FOX (USA) and Global (CND.) The episode is entitled "The 6th Extinction" and it is part one of two.
----<The October 25th Lone Gunmen chat transcript is here.

October 29 1999 @ 20:28 EST.
----<Chris Carter will be on Vicki Gabereau Live on Monday on CTV. The show airs on the Canadian station at 10:00am to 10:30am EST.
^^^thanks to The UnaLurker from the messageboard!

October 27 1999 @ 19:44 EST.
----<Tomorrow there will be another chat with Chris Carter occuring through AOL @ 9pm EST. Go to TVguide.com for more information.

October 26 1999 @ 24:34 EST.
----<On Sunday, I met Chris Owens. Visit PEIA to find out about it, if you like.

October 10 1999 @ 1:28 EST.
----<XF on TV today:
1:00 pm: Herrenvolk
Mulder and Scully's (David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson) search for a man with unusual powers brings to light a secret that may reveal the truth about alien existence.
Closed Captioned, In Stereo, Part 2 of 2 on NBC (USA).
9:00 pm - Triangle
Mulder (David Duchovny) finds himself involved with a bizarre conflict on a mysterious ship in the Bermuda Triangle and travels back in time. With Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi and William B. Davis.
Closed Captioned, In Stereo Letterbox on Global (Cnd.)
from tvgrid

October 09 1999 @ 23:43 EST.
----<Chat with the Lone Gunmen! On October 25th, there will be an online chat with the wonderful Lone Gunmen at 10pm/EST. Unfortunately, you must be an aol subscriber chat with them, but you can still send them questions to answer even if you don't have AOL. Go here to send your questions and go here to find out about free AOL trials.

October 08 1999 @ 18:18 EST.
----<Chris Carter's new show, "Harsh Realm", premieres tonight at 9pm on FOX (USA) or Global (Cnd.)

September 29 1999 @ 18:01 EST.
----<uh-oh. Monday was Tom Braidwood's birthday! Happy be-lated!
----<I have a few more articles to stick up today, so stay tuned!

September 27 1999 @ 12:36 EST.
**(sorry my internet server was not working for most of yesterday so I couldn't put the new layout up)***
>site layout has been changed
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>on to the other news:
----<the Lone Gunmen will be much more prominent this season. they will be featured in more epsidoes in this season than the last!
article about Gillian Anderson's new movie, "The House of Mirth"
----<DD Triathlonphotos
----<an article about Mitch Pileggi in Xpose #39
----<another article: a Frank Spotnitz-Vince Gillian Interview
----<notes from the Vancouver Sun about an X-Files shoot.
^^^thanks to Dennis for the articles and the link to the photos!

x-philes BEWARE! There may be spoilers in any of this articles! Read at your own risk!

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