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January 22 2000 @ 17:19 EST.
----<Harsh Realm on FX confirmed! Here's something I received in an email thanks to Melissa:
"Cable channel fx has picked up HARSH REALM! The pilot will premiere on March 24th at 9:00, with the remaining eight episodes to air on Fridays at 9:00 p.m. This will include the six episodes that did not air on Fox."

January 21 2000 @ 22:51 EST.
----<here's some good news I received:
"GOOD NEWS 'HARSH REALM' FANS! Chris Carter has recently worked out a deal with FOX's cable network, FX, to show all episodes of "Harsh Realm" during the month of March. Now this isn't just the three episodes aired before cancellation, this includes all the episodes filmed. So, a total of 8 episodes will be shown. This is a one time event so this is probably your last chance to see the show."
Unfortunately, FX is an American station which also costs extra $; this is terrible for those who don't live in the right locations to receive it. Oh, and please note that this is unconfirmed and therefore subject to change.
----<You may have noticed that my X-Files site is still up; I've decided to just leave it there, if anyone would ever need to look at it.
----<I also hope everyone had a good new year. : )

December 11 1999 @ 14:11 EST.
----<ALL DONE. BYE BYE. Next weekend I will be taking down my X-Files site. There are many more X-Files sites out there that are far better than mine. Please note that only the X-Files page will disappear, not the Harsh Realm site. Remember, next weekend = ALL DONE. BYE BYE. Thanks for visiting the X-Files page.

November 7 1999 @ 11:12 EST.
----<Off-Topic, but The X-Files season seven premiere is today @ 9pm EST.

October 29 1999 @ 20:20 EST.
----<Well, it's very official now: Harsh Realm did not air today (instead, a car chase show did)
As well, the Harsh Realm website is no longer listed at
----<Chris Carter will be on Vicki Gabereau Live on Monday on CTV. The show airs on the Canadian station at 10:00am to 10:30am EST.
[thanks to The UnaLurker from the messageboard!]

October 27 1999 @ 23:13 EST.
----<Here's an article about the cancellation from the Vancouver Sun.
----<There will be another chat with Chris Carter @ 9:30 pm/ET in AOL tomorrow. Go to for more information.

October 26 1999 @ 20:21 EST.
----<hmm...I've noticed that the official Harsh Realm site has been updated today; it has a slightly different layout, with pictures substituting some of the text, and information on the fourth episode, "Kein Ausgang," which was supposed to air this Friday. **However, someone with sources has just told me that presently, movies (as indicated in the articles) will be shown in place of the show.

October 26 1999 @ 1:20 EST.
----<I have just found out that (brace yourselves) Harsh Realm has been cancelled due to poor ratings.
here's a snippet from the Associated Press:
"LOS ANGELES (AP) - Fox's harsh fall season just got worse. Poor ratings forced the cancellation of the network's Friday lineup of ``Harsh Realm'' and ``Ryan Caulfield: Year One.'
Movies will fill the two-hour slot through November, the network said Monday. The replacement series were not announced...Expectations had been high for ``Harsh Realm,'' a virtual-reality thriller from ``X-Files'' creator Chris Carter, but the show premiered a disappointing fourth in its time slot Oct. 8 and has seen its ratings slide."
----<And at yahoo: "That list is headed by Fox's ``Action,'' ``Ryan Caulfield, Year One'' and ``Harsh Realm,'' each of which has burdened the beleaguered News Corp. network with some record time slot lows." read the rest @ yahoo!
----<some fans have started writing letters, in hope that they will save the show. you can contact Harsh Realm here:

10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 41 Suite 100
Attn: Harsh Realm
Los Angeles, CA 90035

October 26 1999 @ 24:46 EST.
----<You can find out other information about the show by tuning into Art Bell's nationally syndicated radio talk show, "Coast to Coast AM" today at 10:00 am PST, where Chris Carter will appear.
----<Maybe you can also find out information from Samantha Mathis, who will appear on the "Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn" on October 27 (Wednesday)
>----<"Harsh Realm" will appear on the cover of Fate magazine in its October issue. There will be a feature on "Harsh Realm" in the Nov/Dec issue of Cinescape. Both Sci-Fi and Starlog magazines will run features in December. An interview with Terry O'Quinn will run in Starlog in December.

October 26 1999 @ 24:27 EST.
----<On Sunday (yesterday), I met Chris Owens. This doesn't have to do with Harsh Realm, but I know that some realmers are x-philes as well. Visit PEIA to find out about it, if you like.
----<fellow realmers, I have a huge update coming soon. I'll most likely put it up tomorrow.
----<And, I've been receiving a lot of emails and questions regarding the poppy/jazzy song played in "Levithan". The name of the song is "Run On" and it is by Moby, off of his "play" album.

October 22 1999 @ 13:02 EST.
----<The title of today's episode, airing at 9pm, is "Inga Fossa". Inga Fossa is the 'name' of the lady in black who is Sophie's deep throat.

October 14 1999 @ 21:10 EST.
----<The Scott Baristow chat has been changed from October 15th to the 18th. [thanks to Lisa from the onelist!]
----<Instead, a chat with Chris Carter will take place on the 15th at 10pm Eastern. This has been confirmed by the official Harsh Realm site.
----<premiere ratings:

"The series premiere of Chris Carter's HARSH REALM dramatically improved the time period's 1998-1999 season average among key demographics, including Adults 18-49 (+23%, 3.8/12 vs. 3.1/10), Adults 18-34(+54%, 4.0/14 vs. 2.6/10), Men 18-49 (+35%, 4.2/13 vs. 3.1/10), and Men 18-34 (+56%, 3.9/14 vs. 2.5/10). HARSH REALM achieved FOX's highest ratings in the Friday time period in almost nine months among Adults 18-49, Total Viewers, and Households (since 1/22/99). The premiere of HARSH REALM won its time period among Adults 8-34. Among key male measures, HARSH REALM was second only to atypically male-skewing competition from MLB on NBC. FOX won the night among Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34, Adults 25-54, all key male measures, and Women 18-34. FOX achieved its highest Friday night ratings among Adults 18-49, Total Viewers, and Households in almost 8 months (since 2/26/99)."
[thanks to THE FRENCH THINKER from the onelist!]

October 09 1999 @ 20:39 EST.
----<new layout for this Harsh Realm site will be finished soon.

----<Harsh Realm "The Pilot" pictures have been added to the Pilot episode page.
thanks to xphile89 for the forward!

----<online chats next week:
Samantha Mathis | October 13th | 10 pm/ET
Scott Bairstow | October 15th |10 pm/ET
Unfortunately, you must be an AOL subscriber chat with them, but you can still send them questions to answer even if you don't have AOL. Go
here to send your questions and go here to find out about free AOL trials.
>>nb. There was a chat with D.B. Sweeney on October 7th @ 7pm. As soon as I get the transcribed chat, I will put it on the site.
(AOL takes a few days to transcribe chats).
thanks to Lisa from the onelist for the info!

----<promotion pictures:

thanks to Dennis for the first one!

October 08 1999.
Harsh Realm premieres today!!
>>Remember to
post your comments!

----<and there will be some online chats coming up this week with a few of the stars. I'll post the dates tomorrow.

October 07 1999.
Just a reminder to everyone that our new potentially favourite show will be premiering tomorrow night at 9pm on FOX or Global (Cnd.)

>>Be sure to post your views, rants, opinions, concerns, pet peeves about the show on the message board tomorrow!

September 27 1999.
----<I finally got rid of that error that kept popping up everytime you'd load the page!

----<Here's something I saw in our local (I live in Toronto) newspaper's television guide. You can agree or disagree. How about posting your views on the message board?

----<The first HR talk show appearance!:
D.B. Sweeney is scheduled to be a guest on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" on October 10th.
thanks to Lisa from the onelist!

----<site changes:
front, PEIA, and X-Files sites have had layout changes. I am still working on finishing up the rest of the X-Files pages. The "Words" literary section will be taken down within the next couple of days.

have any comments, questions, submissions, or information?

























































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